Our Story

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I started Stella & Co. Boutique on January 17, 2020 to raise money to train my service dog in training. Due to my disabilities, it is difficult to live everyday life, let alone work the typical 9-5 job. Finding a job that can accommodate my disability was difficult, but I needed to save money to send my service dog in training, Stella, to formal training to learn her tasks that would mitigate my disabilities. I've always been told to “work with what you have”, so when I realized I needed to raise money for Stella’s training, I decided to put my love of sewing to work and start my own boutique of handmade accessories for everyone's unique pup. Because this shop is to raise money for Stella’s training, I thought what better to name my shop than after her, and thus, Stella & Co. Boutique was born. Throughout this journey, I have found that I love running my own business and being able to connect with people around the world who have the same interests as I do.